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TAS Volunteers needed (Telephone Answering Service)

Intergroup is looking for service-oriented AA members to answer the phone.

Volunteers should be familiar with 12-Step Calls. Suggested sobriety requirement is 1 year.

The helpline is open between 10AM and 10PM daily (subject to volunteer availability). It is staffed by telephone answering volunteers from within the AA membership. These volunteers respond to a wide range of calls, from questions about meeting locations to providing peer support to someone in distress.

In some instances, the caller requests to be called back at a later time. At other times, the caller will ask, or the telephone answering volunteer will suggest, the caller meet with some members in person, either at the callers home or in a public place.  Alternatively, online meetings are also an option. At that time, the telephone answering volunteer will call a volunteer on the 12-Step call list. The 12-Step volunteer will contact the caller and assist as necessary.

To make changes to the schedule, volunteer to pick up an OPEN shift, or add your name to the 12-Step call list, please contact the TAS Coordinator or the 12 Step Call Coordinator using the Committee Contacts form on the Contact Us page or send an email directly to or

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