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New Website Launched!!

Intergroup is pleased to launch a new responsive website that viewable on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile devices. We previously had a separate more minimal mobile site.

Subscriptions to announcements, events, etc. have been carried over. 

We welcome your feedback so please feel free to leave a reply in the comments box below.

7 thoughts on “New Website Launched!!”

  1. Congratulations Carolyn. I like the new site- it’s clean, simple, easy to find things. Thanks for a job well done. I believe it will serve both newcomers and existing members well.

  2. It is clean looking. I do find the light blue font a bit pale, especially in the meeting list. The meeting names are hard for me to read in this pale colour.
    Perhaps it my cataracts, of which I am not the only one who has them.
    Also do we not have lists of the 12 steps and traditions anywhere on where on the site.

    1. Hi Heather, Thank you for the feedback! I made the font a little bigger to improve the readability of names on the Meeting List. Hope you find that it helps. The Twelve Steps and the Twelve Traditions are listed on the Find Help page in the Learn About the AA Program of Recovery section within the first pamphlet called ‘A Newcomer Asks’.

  3. Love the focus on the newcomer. Very simple and inviting.

    I like the new way of clicking into the zoom meetings

    Great job as usual!

  4. I want to say how dedicated our service team is and our webmaster to make these websites possible and I always say it is meant to be and that is why the website is the way it is God Bless you people and if it was not for the service team and the webmaster we would not have our virtual meetings and very informative.
    Mike R so grateful member of AA

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