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2022-2023 Alkathon

The Alkathon provides a safe and sober environment for the new and still suffering alcoholic over Christmas and New Year's

Noon to 7 a.m. December 24th & 25th and December 31st & January 1st

Fellowship | Meetings | Food | Coffee | Dance New Year’s Eve | 7th Tradition

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Host a Meeting

Meetings bind us together and share our message of hope. There are a total of 36 group sponsored AA meetings at this years Alkathon. If your group would like to chair one, please contact us with (1) the name of your group, (2) the type of meeting (Speaker or Discussion) and (3) the holiday (Christmas or New Years) you would like to be considered for. A lottery will be held after our December 3rd meeting to finalize the schedule. Email us at or scroll down to the bottom of the page to fill out the online form.

Food Donations

We appreciate food donations. If possible, please let us know in advance if you are bringing any big ticket items, such as hams, turkeys (no stuffing), mashed potatoes, cooked vegetables, salads and sandwiches. Desserts are always welcome. Food may be delivered from 9 AM onwards Christmas and New Years Eve.

Financial Contributions

Your financial assistance ensures our expenses are covered. All excess funds are dispersed to Intergroup and Districts after the event. Group and individual contributions are accepted. Cheques made out to Ottawa Area Alkathon may be mailed to or dropped off at the Intergroup office, or you may contact us to make alternate arrangements.
Mailing address: Ottawa Area Alkathon c/o Bronson Centre, 211 Bronson Avenue, Room 108, Ottawa, ON K1R 6H5

Volunteer! Volunteer! Volunteer!

What makes Alkathon amazing is not the venue, not the food, but the people! 12-Step volunteers, coffee-makers, clean up crew, kitchen and serving help, security, and greeters are part and parcel of what makes our annual event a spiritual experience for so many. So please round up some volunteers at your home group – gather names, email and phone numbers, and note desired volunteer positions. Email your list to Individuals can also use the online form below.

Planning meetings are being held at the Bronson Centre. To join the committee, email Meeting dates and times will be provided. 

All AA and Al-Anon members are welcome. We appreciate your support!

Host a Meeting
Submit your group to the meeting lottery. If drawn, we'll let you know what time you'll be hosting.
Volunteer Form