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Elections Wednesday 11 Jan 7pm


  JOIN  MEETING HERE Visitors are welcome to attend.

The following is the  agenda for the January 11th  Intergroup meeting.
1. Opening the meeting with the Serenity Prayer and the 12 Traditions.
2. Approval from Reps to tape the meeting for minutes.
3. Attendance of Intergroup Reps and visiting AA members.
4. Acceptance of the previous month Intergroup meeting minutes.
5. Acceptance of the Agenda for this meeting.
6. Update on moving to hybrid Intergroup Meetings.
7. New Business:
 Approval form Intergroup Reps to support a motion requiring a 2/3 majority for
future nominations for the positions of Vice-Chair and Chair of Intergroup
 Elections for the positions of Secretary and Literature Coordinator. Elections
will be conducted by Harry, the former Chair of Intergroup.
 Time permitting, a preliminary discussion on Intergroup priorities for 2023.

8. Closing of the meeting with the Responsibility Pledge.

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