Contributions to Ottawa Area Intergroup (Only) from Individuals or Groups

Your contributions support the Intergroup office and the services it provides such as telephone answering, literature sales, meeting directories, conferences and this website.

We do not accept contributions that are intended to go to your home group on this page.

Visit this page to find contribution links for Home Groups.


For digital basket ideas, including how to set up your own Paypal contribution link, this document provides tips on how to get started. Intergroup will post your home group contribution link for easy access by your members if you don't have your own website. If your group has a bank address with online banking capabilities, you can create a general email account to receive etransfers with automatic deposit.

Information about contributions to Intergroup:

i) Paypal will provide the option to pay with your Paypal account or with a credit card; ii) There is a yearly maximum donation limit of $3000.00; and iii) We do not accept donations from non-members.


The following notes must be added when submitting your contribution: "I am a member of Alcoholics Anonymous" (for Individuals) or "This contribution is from [AA Group Name] (for Groups)"



Thank you!

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