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2021 Ottawa Virtual Spring Conference

The 42nd Annual Ottawa Spring Conference will be held online!

Theme: “When we look back”

When: Saturday, April 17, 2021, 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM Eastern

Where: Zoom Meeting ID 823 0064 2904 Passcode 20210417

Click here for the full program.

6 thoughts on “2021 Ottawa Virtual Spring Conference”

  1. After perusing the schedule for the event it is evident that it was decided that no one from Ottawa be allowed to participate. Why is that?

    1. Response from Spring Conference Chair: There is actually a speaker that is Canadian but has not lived here for many many years- she is also from Ottawa and her niece is also a member here in Ottawa. We have been given the opportunity, because it is virtual- to get speakers from other places that would normally cost a great deal of money. There is participation for Ottawa and others- during the sharing portion of the meeting- where participants can actually share for a few minutes after that speaker gives their 30 minute talk on their assigned step. This is not something that we have been able to do in person at the conference. I know the committee and the Intergroup chair and vice-chair support us are excited. I hope that helps to clarify. Take care,

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