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Eastern Ontario Conference Tickets On Sale NOW!

Eastern Ontario A.A. Conference tickets are on sale now.

Get your tickets now. This will sell out. 

Friday Live Performer and Saturday Banquet.


EOC Friday Ticket


EOC Saturday Ticket 

3 thoughts on “Eastern Ontario Conference Tickets On Sale NOW!”

  1. I purchased my full $75 Banquet Ticket online. How do I get my ticket? Will it be mailed to me or do I get it at the door?

  2. I noticed on the your webpage under the poster and latest news the following statement “We pivoted to an online format in 2021 and the event was held online, and will be once again this year in October 2023. Click here for details”. When I click on the “Click here details” it does not mention anything about the Conference being on-line. Is this being done for the October 2023 Conference as stated on your page. I would very much like to attend on-line. Please advise

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